What’s Your Top News Story of 2022?

By Brad Hicks In 2006, the film Pan’s Labyrinth was released in theaters in Europe and North America. Written and directed by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, the story, in my opinion, has several parallels to the Christian Gospel. The heroine of the story is a preadolescent girl named Ofelia, and in a poignant sceneContinue reading “What’s Your Top News Story of 2022?”

Christ conquered death ~ why does that even matter today?

By Brad Hicks Easter 2022 just passed not long ago. For a couple of weeks leading up to Easter, I had been reading about and meditating on the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus and pondering the meaning of those two most important events in human and redemptive history. I want to share aContinue reading “Christ conquered death ~ why does that even matter today?”